During Hitler's destruction of Warsaw, many have speculated that the liberation army may have buried the teapot outside of Krakow. Dr. Ang and assistants traveled to the site. more

Stolen from Iran? The former seat of Persia

Ancient documents reveal the history behind the Medes empire's greatest secret

Former owners. A look at some of the greats

From Kings to peasants 2,000 years. The map or family tree.

The latest brass teapot headlines and news

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Read the jounal entries that started it all. Go into the world of one of the greatest archaeologist of all time.

Learn about the excavating and authenticating that the Theosophist society does on a daily basis. Submit a teapot for review.

Our history

The Theosophist Society was founded by Dr. A. K. Bhardwaj, reknown for his well published articles and writings on ancient cultures and antiquities. The Theosophist society unusual East Asian artifacts though it is widely believed that their focus from the beginning was primarily on the fabled brass teapot. Today the Theosophist society is located in the remote Yunnan Province. Under the tutelage of Dr. Wu Nei Jing, who holds doctorates in both Chemistry and Antiquities at the Beijing University